Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Where Media Leads to?

Media and Khagragor

Rezaul Karim

I have started avoiding television news channels like ‪#‎abpanand‬ or ‪#‎24ghanta‬ because of poor quality journalism. They say same thing again and again and above all they pick and choose "news" which suits their purpose. The ‪#‎TMC‬ government is not a saintly one but demonising her is nothing but a cheap ploy for vengeance. There are now many ‪#‎Arnab‬ in the media empire. Before the recently concluded elections in Maharastra and Haryana, media was unequivocal that if ‪#‎BJP‬ did not get majority in Maharastra, that would be tantamount to defeat of ‪#‎ModiShah‬ duo. When result of Maharastra showed that without ‪#‎SS‬ they are unable to form govt, media swallowed its earlier contention and started saying about Modi magic. What is this magic that even can't bring a simple majority! Is it like the parliament magic where BJP got 14 crore votes out of a staggering 84 crores electorate?

Khagragor is a blot in the heritage of Bengal. Since almost all of the accused belong to a community, we like it or not, deny or accept it, it is a fact that the community has something to do and they must condemn the incidence en mass. I heard that a few thousand people had assembled at Curzon gate in Burdwan to condemn the incidence. I decided to watch if media shows the demonstration. I sat full one hour before the idiot box but there was no news, not even a cursory byline on this. The bylines were - Mukul Roy applauds the new Zilla Parishad formed from deserters of CPM; an accident injures 2 in Malda; a fire broke out in a house and everybody escaped unhurt, Rahul Sinha completes his 51st birthday, Kabir Suman supports Mamata Banerjee in blast case; Anjan is hopeful that Md Sporting will not close down; a large snake has been recovered from Behala, et al. There was total blackout of the protest at ‪#‎curzongate‬. 'Ei Samay' merely covered the news as a protest march by Siddiqulla but his support for Madrasa has been highlighted only. Amazed, I have a query to my media friends - what constitutes a news??

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